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Information Notice

Ideal Vehicle Leasing Limited arranges finance with a finance provider for you after you have agreed to the cost and finance provider charges. We offer a range of products from a select panel of finance providers. Our staff will advise and make recommendations for you based on an assessment of your needs and affordability. We will quote figures based on our finance providers’ pricing. The finance provider has the right to change or decline these quotes based on receipt of the full proposal.

We are not linked to any of our finance provider panel members. We may occasionally approach more than one finance provider from our select panel of finance providers in order to obtain a credit acceptance. This may result in more than one credit search being registered. Additional information may be required by finance providers. You (the consumer) also acknowledge that any organisation approached for credit will need to undertake credit checks with a credit reference agency Which may affect your credit rating where possible; we will aim to restrict the number of credit checks we carry out against you. We will conduct a confirmation of your financial suitability via an affordability check. The selected finance provider may check this again using a credit search or check. Non-payment of credit agreements may affect your credit rating and may result in the vehicle being repossessed by the finance provider or action being taken via the County Courts. This may also affect your chances of being accepted for credit in future. Alternative sources of finance may be available to you (for example, from other credit brokers or finance providers, or through banks or internet aggregators). We recognise that it is important for customers to be able to shop around for alternative sources of credit.